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I Create What I Want

Peace, Love. Thank you for reading my blog. I'm jumping back into this whole blogging thing and it feels super exciting to share this time with you!

This week's mantra is: I create what I want.

We are always creating.

We are always creating with our thoughts.

We are always creating with our words.

We are always creating with our deeds.

In addition to our true nature being joyous, we are also natural creators. We hold so much power inside of us. It's time to start embodying who you truly are at the core. At will, we can change the course of our lives to align with what we want.

What will you create, Love?

Yes, what WILL you create? Get clear about the things you want to do, be, and have. Visualize them in as much detail as you possibly can.

Don't forget to be mindful of your thoughts. Yoga teaches us to be in the practice of noticing our thoughts, and adjusting accordingly. So often, it's our inner narratives that hold us back or propel us forward. In my personal practice, I have been much more intentional in my thinking. Looking at the stories I tell myself about myself, other people, and my experiences. This makes space for me to get to the root of those stories, especially the ones that held me back. My perspective begins to shift, and I am able to focus my attention, my thoughts on what I want. My thoughts set the standard for how I speak and act.

Because you must remember that even the way you speak works to create your current reality. Take note of how you are speaking about yourself and others. Adjust your language to reflect that with which you want to be in alignment.

Naturally, you'll begin to act in a way to ensure that you are creating what you actually desire. It's the inevitable progression of things. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Our actions determine our character, which impacts our daily choices. And you must remember that your daily choices can either bring you further into alignment or out of alignment.

You have the power to create what you want. At will. Whenever you want. Every single day.

3 Tips for Creating What You Want:

1) Get clear about what you want outside of what others want for you and outside of what you THINK you should want.

2) Think, speak, and act accordingly

3) Believe that you deserve to be in alignment

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